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“Having been an attorney for more than 35 years, I look back and see an evolutionary path that brought me and 4Sight Legal Services where we are today.”

Starting out, I was first trained as a civil litigator or ‘trial lawyer’. Most of the time, a lawsuit had already been filed or circumstances were such that most of the facts likely to determine the outcome had already happened. Invaluable training, but most of the time our job was to play a hand that had already been dealt.

After a few years, I became in-house counsel with a Fortune 500 company. There I could help a decision maker make better choices that might avert litigation altogether or, if a lawsuit was necessary, lead to a better outcome. We helped the “owners” of the decisions get ahead of their issues, not just react to crises.

Occasionally an executive or manager would resist my advice – not because they wanted to do something illegal, unethical or immoral. Instead, they usually had in mind a business consideration that troubled them, often an important relationship or other business objective at risk if things went wrong. I learned that if I got close enough to the “business owner” to understand her goals and objectives and collaborate on alternate ways to get there, she might get where she wanted to go and avoid the biggest hazards along the way.

As time went by, I assumed those critical business decisions myself – first as a risk management executive for the publicly traded company, then as the owner of my own privately-held company once I left the larger world.

When I work now with business owners, they can know I have been stressed by the same things that stress them. I have worried about meeting my sales and income projections, I have sweated over making payroll and I have lost sleep on whether to stay the course I have chosen. I have faced and made the difficult decision to shut a business down. When a client tells me what is happening in his company, chances are high I can say quite honestly, “I’ve been there.” Then, we work on solutions together.

“4Sight Legal Services, PLLC was created to do for private business owners what in-house counsel do for publicly traded companies, and then some.”

We can help you

We can help you protect what matters most – protection for YOU, Your FAMILY Your BUSINESS and Your LEGACY.

4Sight Legal Services

4Sight Legal Services provides business owners with the legal experience and expertise needed to manage risk and protect personal wealth. We provide legal services needed to protect You, Your Family, Your Business and Your Legacy.

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